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I'm very excited to finally be launching my website. Thanks for taking the time to stop by my "online playground".

So what's this site about?

As a web developer I've always wanted to have a place where I could display my work, test new technologies and share what I've learned (as I learn it) with others. This site is exactly that...

This site is also a head start on my capstone e-Resume project for my final semester of the Information Technology program at Florida State University. So hopefully I'll get an A+

What took me so long?

The shoemaker's son is always the last to get a shoe.


During the development of this site I pulled together resources, scripts, tips and design ideas from a number of Authors. Not only might the list below help developers visit my site, but it's just right to give credit where credit is due.

  • Basics Clean Magazine Theme Screencast: This series was the inspiration for starting this site. It really took my web development skills to the next level and made the development process seem a lot less intimidating - By Adi Purdila
  • ModX Content Management System "The Best CMS on the Planet - Jose Browne"
  • Quicksand: The sexy jQuery filter animations on my Projects Page - By Jacek Galanciak
  • Pure CSS Solution for keeping Footer down -
  • Fancybox: The lightbox modal pop-up used on my Projects Page - By Janis Skarnelis
  • Simple Image Slider: Used in combination with Fancybox on Project Page - By Soh Tanaka
  • CSS Browser Selector: This is the cross-browser compatibility life savor..period! - By Rafael Lima
  • Live.js: Instantly refreshes pages whenever I make changes to my CSS files. Huge time saver. - By Rafael Lima

So... What do you think?

I really hope this little project turns into a learning platform that will help me become a better developer. So please let me know what you think.. comment, like and share.


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